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Real People Real Benefits

Real People Real BenefitsReal People Real BenefitsReal People Real Benefits

Our Business Was Built With you In Mind

We were Consultants for many years.  We know the struggle to find real benefits.  Our struggle inspired us to make a change, and create opportunity.  We built this company with you in mind.

What is OPM Resource?

The Basics

OPM Resource is a benefits and contract management group that provides a variety of premium benefits and perks to both our traditional W-2 employees, and our 1099 Consultants.  


The business is simple.  It's a case of you have clients who need your services, or we have clients who request your services.  OPM Resource provides the contract management for a minimal fee, and you go about business as usual.  In return, you have a contract management company that provides you with access to a variety of unbelievable benefits and perks.  OPM Resource puts priority on developing exceptional benefits for you to enjoy.  You work hard, and we work hard for you.

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